Monday, 28 November 2011

Books and Talks

John Leighton
By John Leighton, Shop Manager

One of the many good things about our programme of talks and lectures is their considerable literary background and the opportunity it provides to highlight some very interesting books.

On the 30th November, Professor Patrick McGuinness joins us to discuss JK Huysmans Against Nature and the artistic reactions to the scientific breakthroughs and moral codes of the day. If that hasn’t already got your literary taste buds salivating, McGuinness is also the author of The Last Hundred Days, recently Booker long listed and already a favourite with the more discerning reader.It’s an absorbing, semi-autobiographical novel about the last days of Ceaucescu’s Romania.

Compared favourably to Isherwood’s Berlin novels it bodes well for a very interesting evening.

If you prefer Doctors to Professors, how about Dr Conor Cunningham, on the 14th of December? He’ll be with us to present a fresh look at Charles Darwin, the origin of the Species and how both have been hijacked by extremists on both sides of a very long argument. Darwin’s Pious Idea has already garnered considerable acclaim in the book world and this event gives you an opportunity to visit those ideas with the author and then perhaps spend some time with the book at your leisure.

As the nights get longer and colder, two very interesting evenings and two very readable books to keep you going – both available in our shop, The Last Hundred Days, published by Poetry Wales Press and Darwin’s Pious Idea, published by William B Eardmanns.

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Patrick McGuinness, AgainstNature, 30th November. 7pm. Free. More

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