Thursday, 27 January 2011

Regarding Austin Osman Banner

I came into this world at some equitable hour on May 17th 1974. On the same day the majority of the Symbionese Liberation Army was destroyed in a shoot-out. My father worked at the Babington colliery (Cinderhill, Nottingham) and my mother worked at Wolseys in Kimberley; their respective places of work no longer exist...with all the local pits closing and the hosiery factory demolished my options for toil began to narrow...the only remaining option for work was at the local Blanchard's bakery in I took a job working in the bread plant; creating Wonderloaf...I could draw and had an interest in Art so in due course (and with my parents blessing) I became the first member of the family to enter higher education; I went away to college and attained a BA in Fine Art. I have been resident in San Francisco, Rome and London...I currently live in Nottingham with my family and our two cats...Lucifer and Marcus Aurelius

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