Sunday, 23 January 2011

Introducing Robert Ader

I'd like to introduce myself and implore my esteemed colleagues subsequently to do the same. My name is Robert Ader, I was born in 1925 in Port Arthur, Texas and studied at Black Mountain college in the late 1940's. I've spent part of my life living in the Netherlands and around 10 years living in Los Angeles before staging my disappearance in a miraculous endeavour to cross the Atlantic Ocean in a 13ft guppy (a small sailing boat). This event marked my departure from the art world and so I'm currently gracing the floors of Nottingham Contemporary and imparting my wisdom to its visitors.

I am hopeful that my legacy in the contemporary art world will live on. Notable works (or so I'm told) are a silent film of me crying to myself, a rams head donning a rubber car tyre around it's midriff and a black and white film of me riding a bicycle into a canal in Amsterdam. My interests centre on the idea of combining sentiments of the everyday with the notion of failure and repetition in an attempt to draw light on the parralel of art and life.

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